The calculator for printing of brochures, diaries and books on a home printer

The calculator for printing of brochures, diaries and books on a home printer

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Click on the desired block - in the modern browsers it will be automatically copied - then paste into pages field of your application. If the text was not copied automatically you will have to copy and paste calculated pages manually.

What was the calculator created for?

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This calculator is intended to easy calculating of printed pages during printing of brochures, diaries and books on a home printer.

We as authors, we DON`T want that this calculator was used for manufacture of illegal or extremist production, also as well as production containing violence, the scenes of sexual character humiliating the person and human dignity.

We DON`T WELCOME use of the calculator for the literature printing received illegally, for example, downloaded from the Internet. We think that authors of books deserve reward for their work. Otherwise, would you print their books?

If the book was acquired in electronic option, but, because of its volume, or for other reasons reading from the screen or the monitor isn't possible, it is necessary to print out such book. And this calculator will help you with it. Calculate and print.

Where else can the calculator help you?

For example, you prepared the material for presentation at the conference or studying on the journey. Or, perhaps, you are a scriptwriter and make scripts for the theatre, films, advertisement... So, calculator will allow you to calculate and print quickly the compact booklet which easily will be placed in your bag, releasing you from need to drag with you a folder with papers or to try to put the sheets of A4 in your bag.

The calculator will be useful to people who manufacture author diaries, notebooks, personal organizers by scrapbooking and other methods. Thanks to this device your work will become much easier. Print executed insertions into your products; decorate empty pages with patterns or images.

In conclusion, why should you use this calculator?

The calculator is available everywhere where there is Internet. The printing program is not important. It can be any program for operation with the text. The calculator is simple in using. It can adapt to the concrete printing device. The main thing - don't forget to perform correctly print settings of the printer or the specific application. Finally, the calculator is written with love to books and knowledge, with desire that people could read.

Excellent free programs for working with the text and graphics.

LibreOffice — мощный офисный пакет
OpenOffice — мощный офисный пакет
OpenOffice — мощный офисный пакет
Inkscape - это профессиональный векторный графический редактор

How to use the calculator:

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Using this calculator, you don’t need to use any additional installable applications for your computer or browser.

Begin printing with the page (by default – the first)To the calculator

You have an opportunity to specify the page with which the printing will begin. It is not necessary to print the whole material at once. If you don’t want to begin printing with the first page, or your printer doesn’t work, there is no paper, toner/ ink, the light is turned off. If you just don’t want to print everything at once. Then specify the page number with which it is necessary to begin or continue the printing.

Finish on the page (specify the last)To the calculator

Specify the number of the last page of the document which is necessary to print.

Sheets printing during one cycle (by default - 4 sheets)To the calculator

The calculator will estimate the numbers of printed pages for the specified number of sheets during each cycle of printing. Printing small parts allows you considerably to reduce probability of spoilage, especially if the printing is made on both sides of the leaf on the one-sided printer.

This parameter has a special value when printing by "booklet" method. In the latter case it defines the number of sheets in the booklet.

Leave empty at the beginning (for example, for the endpaper)To the calculator

If you want to leave at the beginning of the printed book/article one or several first pages empty, use this parameter.

Number of the empty page in the document (for the "printing" of empty pages)To the calculator

Using certain methods of printing (several pages on a leaf in different options), it is necessary to print “the empty” page, especially for saving structure of the booklet. Preparing the document for printing, leave one page empty, for example the last one and specify its number in this field.

Make sure that the page with the specified number exists. Some supplements can be published as any empty page which does not exist in the document. However, the problem is that some other applications completely pass the printing of not existing pages, thereby changing the general order of pages.. Be careful...

If you wish, you can specify the number of specially prepared "empty" page-for example with water marks, or a logo. Then everywhere, where it is necessary to insert the empty page, such page will be printed.

Printing on the other side in the reverse orderTo the calculator

Normal printers print the sheets placed in a tray on the upper side, laying down them face down. In this case, when already printed sheets are located in a tray for the printing on a reverse side, at first printing should be made on the last leaf, then on the penultimate one and only at the end-on the first one. For such printer this option should be turn on.

There are also printers printing on the lower side of a sheet (also, for example, in case of location of sheets in the other tray). In this case, for the printing on a reverse side of a leaf, it is necessary to lay down sheets face up. The printing will be made from the first leaf to the last. If you have such printer, disconnect this option.

Constant number of sheets for a cycle (only the book / booklet)To the calculator

By default, the calculator considers the number of remained unpublished pages. Thus, in cases when the remaining pages can be placed on smaller number of sheets, than it is specified in the parameter "Number of Sheets on a Cycle", the calculator will place them on the minimum quantity of sheets.

If such behaviour doesn’t suit you, then involve this parameter. The calculator will calculate the printing for the specified number of sheets, without focusing on minimization. It is convenient when printing by "booklet method".

Two-sided printer (prints on both sides of a sheet)To the calculator

Include this option if you are a happy owner of the two-sided printer. Calculation of page numbers will be executed according to the selected printing method for the two-sided printer. The Option Printing is disconnected automatically on the other side in the reverse order.


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This website was created using free software, without breaking anybody’s rights.

The website engine, appearance and graphics images were created by us from scratch without using any patterns or templates. Moreover, calculation algorithms are used for operation of the calculator.

Any references about this calculator and website on other websites, in social networking sites or blogs shoulНажмите чтоб обновить картинкуd be followed by the link to this website.

We, the authors of this project are not indifferent to the books and book printing. We try to spread love to new knowledge and self- education. Our purpose is to help people who want and strive for it. Therefore, the calculator and this website were created for that purpose.

If you have any questions or suggestions - contact us.